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Get lasting results in a very short period of time:

  • Addresses all tissues that been affected by any type of trauma
  • By treating the whole body, not just the injured area, it gets to root of problem
  • An individual treatment plan is developed to cover all aspects needed for recovery
  • OrthoKinetics is a simple and efficient rehabilitation program with dramatic results
  • All treatments covered by major medical insurance plans

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Hear what patients say

My knee started acting up 3 weeks before my first 1/2 marathon and I thought I would have to quit. But after four sessions with Katerina, I was on the run again, armed with several, exercises, new knowledge and pain-free knees.
Allan Kerr
I first visited Katerina after my Achilles tendon started causing me pain, and was worried it was something serious. Katerina quickly calmed my fears and helped relieve the pain. Her physical and communicative treatment method always leaves me relaxed and feeling good.
Yana Klimava